McDonald Mazda Has Great Service Specials Ending 2/29/2012

matt February 17, 2012 0
McDonald Mazda Has Great Service Specials Ending 2/29/2012

Denver, Colorado residents: Is your Mazda in need of a little reconditioning? If so you’re in luck because McDonald Mazda at 6060 S Broadway in Littleton is currently running three service specials to keep your vehicle in tip top shape. Although some people don’t pay proper attention to their vehicles, routine maintenance is a necessity. And with this unpredictable winter we’ve been having so far, knowing your ride is running strong is a good thing to be certain of.

If you have a yellow or orange light illuminated on your dash, your car is trying to tell you something. FIX ME. There are a multitude of warnings your car will give you, such as Check Engine, ABS, and SRS. The problem with some garages will tell you “bring it on in”, run a test, then turn around and charge you over $100 for it- not McDonald Mazda.  From now until 2/29/2012  receive a free diagnostic check on your vehicle after the repairs are completed. No games. No gimmicks. Your diagnostic is 100% free after the correlating repairs are finished.

When it comes to changing your oil, there really isn’t any room for “Should I bring it in?” If you ignore an oil change for too long, the once thin oil will develop into a thick sludge and will most likely cause your engine to seize. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how bad that would be, but ignoring a simple maintenance procedure could cost you more than $2,000 in engine repairs/replacement? Do I have your attention now? McDonald Mazda will change up to five quarts of oil, replace the oil filter, and perform a safety inspection for only $19.95 until 2/29/2012. I’ll give you a minute to check when your last oil change was.

Last but definitely not least, McDonald Mazda is also offering 10% Off All Service and Repair Work including scheduled 15K, 30K, 45K, 60K, 75K, 90K, 105K, and 120K services. Saving 10%, especially in a state-of-the-art garage featuring certified technicians is definitely a savings your car and wallet will appreciate.

While you may be in shock at these amazing deals, they do end on Wednesday, February 29th so hurry into McDonald Mazda today! Follow additional automotive news from Presto Reviews!